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WOW! Thank you so much for generously sharing this recording!! I'm so grateful that I got to see you on the Ecstatic Women's Summit last week! 

I used to dance all the time! 5 Rhythms, Nia, Zumba, and other substance - free conscious dances...

I'm 53 now and have raised 4 kids, created, run, and sold a business, and now I am focusing on embodiment, healing trauma, and listening to/ following my heart. 
All this to say, today my husband and I did your Blissdance, each with lots of space to move and free up! It was so healing and wonderful!! We both are feeling a lot more embodied, present and spacious from dancing. We both loved the music. And we both send you much gratitude and love!

I am excited to participate more. 

I really love your energy and what you are sharing.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful, joyful, abundant and magical holiday time. 
With much gratitude and love,

~ Mara Moon 

Thank you once again for our time together; I sure enjoyed the BlissDance.  More specifically, I just wanted to share an experience:  you know that Perpetrator, Victim, Rescuer Drama Triangle practice – I’m aware of it, we’ve done it in psychology, nothing new – but actually dancing it in a held container, and embodying it like that was really powerful; and the insights I got when I was dancing the victim state really landed  -  so much so, that today, I found myself reacting to my husband and then realising I was going into victim mode, and energetically I was withdrawing, and I was able to catch myself, and able to share that with my husband, and it felt very liberating, very empowering, and we ended up in a very connected moment of authenticity.  So, I’m filled with appreciation.

~ Allison Baxter (Vision Quest Facilitator & Business Coach)

There’s a magical, almost mystical marriage that emerges during our sexual awakening journey work, or any inner journey work for that matter – when blended with Kali’s specialised modality of dance and movement, known as BlissDance.

It’s a sort of lightning effect sparking and spiraling our paths off in different directions barely visible or accessible in the talk therapy space, or even the Tantric body workspace alone.

Having witnessed my own powerful shifts in BlissDance, I have over the years referred many clients to Kali’s BlissDance practice, knowing well her measured and tender facilitation brings profound insights, providing a rare portal for deepening into our own journey towards greater self-knowledge, love and mastery.

I have felt the preciousness of the container she creates, and the beauty of her embodied transmissions too.

Kali’s teachings are powerfully gentle, and her thoroughly considered sound journeys envelop dancers in the high frequency consciousness of the carefully curated medicine music.  Each dance journey is transportive and transformational.  She holds the space with a tenderness and care - so unique to the rich tapestried and authentic path she has walked – gathering years of wisdom acquired on her own fearless journey into a greater depth of understanding, compassion and love.  Greater embodiment too of what the redemptive nature of healing means for Self and the Collective.

Using the wisdom of movement and moved by ancient and contemporary sounds, what has remained frozen in us for decades can slowly, finally melt and make way for the regenerative and new to take root.

Thank you, Kali - fellow seeker, gifted teacher and trusted friend - for your craft shared with such passion and skill.

~ Dr Paul Abramowitz (Medical Practitioner, Author, Sexologist, Musician)


I experience this Elemental Dance series as a celebration of Self, Life & togetherness. A uniquely delightful combo of shamanic dance meditation & creative sharing moves me deeply every time. DJ Kali opens the portal to an exquisite individual journey as she weaves the sounds into a spell of transformative conscious dance. After which sharing a community meal and witnessing or playfully sharing a song, a dance or a poem from an inspired place that leaves me feeling connected, nourished & fulfilled. 

~ Shirene Botes (Tantrika, Co-Founder, Avalon Ashram), Cape Town

Just wanted to honour you (as an ex- professional in the field of teacher development for over 25 years, and a Biodanza facilitator) for just how far you have come since you started. You really conceptualise, facilitate and hold the dancers and the space superbly! Congratulations.  You are such a shining star in the world giving so much to others. Your Dance & Tantra sessions are created and held with authentic love and expertise. And I so appreciate our connection and love. Thank you for your existence

~ Chris Breen (Professor, Dance Facilitator)


Was magical & sensual as always.

~ Lenerd Louw (Tantrika, Author, Entrepreneur) Healing Waters Dance, Cape Town


Thank you, dearest Kali for offering such magical medicine for us at Deep South Dancing – so, so grateful & loving it to bits.

~ Sally Berg (Artist, Social Activist), Deep South Dancing, Cape Town


Thank you, Kali, for a magical dance experience.

~ Lotta Nilsson (Medicine Woman), Deep South Dancing, Cape Town


I did a workshop last night in which we had to list our superheroes and villains from the year, and you are definitely one of my superheroes! I hope you are appreciated and honoured - on a daily basis - because you do so much for those who go to your offerings. You’re able to be the space for the greatest despair & the most soaring bliss, & everything in between.  It’s the greatest show on earth.  I am so glad my search for Truth brought me to you.  Sending you an ocean of gratitude.

~ Robyn McClarty (Journalist, Artist), Cape Town


Thank you Kali.... I have always felt safe with how gifted you are at holding safe, sacred space. Namastè.

~ Yvonne Heathcote, Beauty Therapist

Embodying the elements ..the images of this weekend past are blowing through me still, the Ecstasy of the elements dancing through me, such awesomeness. Thank you Kali Satyagraha Widd for creating that space and allowing it to happen so easily and gracefully. There aren't actually words to describe being seized and danced by the earth...there are a primal growl and sensations of being pulsated within the earth's heartbeat . Beautiful location too.  I swear, I sense I took flight in that valley, and I don't think I've landed since. Bring on the next one so ready.

~ Michelle Turner, BlissDance Weekend Intensive, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Thank you for allowing the street children to come into the class. That little boy. The angel. He woke me up during my warm-up. He looked me straight in my eyes and without saying a word we started to dance.

Precious healing space Kali Satyagraha Widd

~ Salome Fernwood (Dancer), BlissDance, Cape Town

hair Red Retreat 2020.jpg
Women's Retreats

Women's Retreats


I met you for the first time at the Red Tent.  You are a glorious being and gifted facilitator. It was such a joy to see you in all your fullness and genius.  You made holding space for 70 women look a breeze! I have never witnessed such seamless co-facilitation.  I loved how you (and Valentina) look time to set up each exercise – talking us through what we might meet on the way but never resolving our tension. I felt you see each woman in the room (tent). You created such deliciousness and such spaciousness. 

Thank you for your deep appreciation of the sacred. Thank you for sitting in circle with us, listening deeply and showing us the many faces of the One. I appreciate your approachability, your lively mind and the depth of your soul. 

Your ceremonial appreciation of a dear sister touched me deeply.  

You raise my hope for a better world and for genuinerhood siste

~ Gwendolen Ward (Spiritual Doula), UK & SA, The RED Retreat 2022


Kali, you are an absolute delight!  Articulate, playful, honest, and deep. The ways in which you unpack Shakti's teachings with your own additions and your energy is exquisite and easy to digest.  Also, I love how accessible you are AND how you connect to the participants and their questions in the course.  

~ Joy Clarissa Taylor (Business Soul Mapping Founder), United States, Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence


Dearest Kali, oooh yum, all the lovely women sharing, caring, holding, in such a beautiful, open environment – this is the life!  Thank you so much for holding this powerful incubating space with so much love, gentleness & authority.  Wow, you are so good at setting a safe space for going deep into our beings.  This is good for humanity and circles out its richness.

~ Leán Bakker (Tantrika, Performance Artist), Magic of Menopause Workshop & Sweat Lodge, Cape Town


You are one of the sisters I admire most: a powerful, magical being, an extension of source energy and I honour you.  It has been so nice and lovely to meet you Kali .  I am wishing you a beautiful end of this old week, a soft and gentle start in the new one.  May the mantras calm your mind and open your heart, and may the music move your hips, blessings.

~ Gypsy Lily (Artist, Supermodel), Germany


You are the most radical, courageous, fascinating, funny and fearless woman I know. I'm honoured to call you my friend and sister.

~ Lesley Gittings, Academic


I am still so thankful for the precious experiences during our women's circle at the Drakensberg.  My heart and my womb is still drinking from that source in which everything was welcome.  I have been to several women's retreats so far, including in India, but have never experienced such a loving field for the feminine, as well as for the masculine systems.  Kali, I am deeply thankful for that space you have created for us. The honouring male ritual with Yoyo was so heart opening for me - and for him! And thank you, sisters for your love field that you created during the ritual and during all times.  I bow to the ongoing creative energy within the worldwide sisterhood circles.  May the love we share keep on spreading its wings and fly across the earth.  Love and big hug to all of you.

~ Miriam Mann, Germany

You were so beautiful, so knowledgeable, so present, so powerful, so loving – did everything right, as always.

~ Liesl Haasbroek (Artist, Elementor, Keeper of the Sacred Fire), Magic of Menopause Workshop & Sweat Lodge, Cape Town


Thank you so much for the fiery, warm, nurturing, melting workshop with you and Michelle.  The lodge really made the process go deeper, and you two were beautiful together.  I’m in such awe:  it was also really lovely to have a diverse group of women, thank you!

~ Andrea Kuti (wife of progressive Rabbi, womb priestess), Magic of Menopause Workshop & Sweat Lodge, Cape Town


Big thanks to Kali Satyagraha and Michelle Reid for holding such a beautiful and contained space today at the menopause and sweat lodge retreat.

~ Merrissa Lebetkin (Shamanic Practitioner), Cape Town


You are a divine embodiment of Sacred Feminine Crone inspiration my dearest Kali sister.  It was a free-flowing co-creation.  Thank you!  Today I’m fully charged with all the awakened wisdom settling into me.  Thank you, all most divine women for all reflections given and received.  It is an honour and blessing to be in sacred circle with you.  Much gratitude. 

A’ho Mitakue Oyasin!

~ Michelle Dancing Heart Reid (Medicine Woman, Shamanic Teacher), Cape Town


Your workshop and sweat lodge have been the best day of my life!

~ Florence Mutisi (Domestic Worker), Cape Town


Dearest sisters :) What a wonderful supportive, nourishing and enlightening weekend- so much gratitude to you all, especially the magnificent Kali. I awoke today with such joy and inspiration and music just poured through my fingers onto my piano/keys.

Joanne Corrigal, Awakened Women Unfolding Together, Oct 2017 

I'm sure you hear this so often, and probably can't hear it enough...just the magic, the incredible power, the beauty, the modelling, the wisdom, the mentorship, the allowing, the parenting, the everything from the joy to the great boundaries, the clear communication, the preparation; and a million other things...and I trust that you will live, experience, dream and holistically know that there's a homeopathic aspect to your work that may not be visible straight away, even though one feels it on a small scale immediately in the field - the women that you work with, that you show up for, there's a homeopathic power and healing which is carried in the body of women who've been with you, who go into families and communities, who then can heal in turn because of their being healed. It's such personal work that impacts globally. I want to reflect that to you and to remind you of its power, beauty and magnitude. I just have this strong image: when an empowered woman, who carries this wisdom in her waters, urinates and flushes, that message goes into the waters, into the ocean, back into the clouds, more and more, and it's raining down upon us, and it starts, in many respects, because of you Kali, so drink in the honouring that is the intention behind my words.

~ Liesl Haasbroek (Elementor, Keeper of the Sacred Fire)

This has been such an incredible year of Sacred Feminine Healing for me and I wanted to thank you for your part in it and for your Beautiful Presence and for the INCREDIBLE work that you do. I had the pleasure of being at one of your beautiful Red Tent Gatherings at SpiritFest which you held with such grace and strength, and I was deeply grateful to have done Hayley’s Sexual Awakening workshop and be familiar with the language.

I felt full and present.

It was a little later in the year, after two break-ins in 5 days: huge fears came thundering in, not only the fear of having someone in my house but every single ancient long forgotten fear.  I looked up the goddess of fears, and that was when Kali made an appearance and again while I was clearing out the garage of our friends and I kid you not, there on the shelf was a statue of Kali in all her glory.  And then again when Tess’s Sweat Lodge was full, and she sent me your details and I landed in your beautiful Sacred feminine space during the time of the Full Blood Moon Eclipse. Thank you for your wisdom and your generosity and for your ability to hold and create safe space where we can all dive deep into our inner wounds and cry, laugh, play and dance them into the Great Magnificent Jewels for healing. Such immense gratitude to you! 

~ Tina Bester (Chef, Author, Shaman, Artist)


The retreat was so constructive for me because since I have been back, I have more power, and more beautiful things are coming out of me. I have a presentation with Usaid, so they can come and sponsor the Alexandra Traditional Healers with the equipment that we need and I’m confident we will be successful.

~ Esther Ramodike (Head of Traditional Healers), Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa


 Love your beautiful & loving & majestic & beautiful caring & vulnerable, sensitive & wild, forresty, mother earthy, lioness presence. I just loved you.  Hope to meet you again, here or in other ways, maybe in South Africa.

For now, lots of love.

~Erica Greefhorst, Germany

Thank you dear sisters and thank you Kali Satyagraha Widd for holding such a special space for woman. It was so rich and deep, even though we journeyed a seemingly short time together, an infinite amount of healing was available to all of us. And thank you most especially to myself, my higher knowing that took me into circle with woman even when the mind was resisting, thank you dear Self, for knowing what was needed, for reaching out for support, for feeling everything so deeply and for going along for the ride when my body and mind just wanted to keep on, in the struggle. I’m amazed how much clarity is available, how much wisdom and perspective we hold collectively as a tribe and I am so grateful that I am able to drag this sometimes reluctant body to this sacred temple of integration that these circles are. 

There is always something waiting to be transformed, something wanting to be seen and felt, acknowledged and loved back into the heart. If we just pitch up, together we truly can make magic happen.  We can open to receive the love and support we are craving. It is safe here, we can rest into these magnificent woman and together we can heal ourselves and our world. We may also be infused with the courage to take on the enormous challenges we face collectively and individually, as no one else can do what we came here to do. I implore you beautiful women to follow the calling of the whispering voice of the feminine within that invites you into the red tent where we can heal and grow. 

Such gratitude in my heart today as I write this, a week later and reflect on the synchronicities and insights my soul was really needing. I am in awe of the knowing of the feminine from deep within the unknown, the unknowable, and, there is clarity in my heart. 

~ Hayley Manson (Therapeutic Art Process Facilitator)


Dearest Kali.  The vulnerability I feel today is testament to the powerful evening of women's sharing with each other, each mirroring me. I cannot thank you enough for holding such a beautiful space.  I have been feeling so lost of late.  I feel with this work, I could find healing.   I have tried to "start " but encountered too much "stuff" and have simply stopped believing in myself.  Last night inspired me to get up and start again!!! Not sure how or where or even what…but I need to believe I'm worth it, thank you Beautiful Soul. I so look forward to seeing you soon. Much love and gratitude.

~ Wendy Paarman (Swim Coach), Cape Town

Red Retreat 2019 - 107 -Nicky Newman.jpg
Awakening The Masculine

Awakening the Masculine


I have met many on my journey around this wonderful place and time that we are in, but few like you. I cherish our encounters and hold your words of wisdom and insight close to me heart and for the first time allowed another voice to help guide me to a better place. That is what you have come to mean to me.

Be well and know that I love you.

~ Gulam Mather (Businessman), 1st Men’s Group, Cape Town


Hi Kali. Thank you so much for facilitating the sacred masculine group. It really is making a big difference to me. You are astonishingly brave to take on a group of men like that with love. Really impressive!

~ Dave Wright (AfrikaBurn Sanctuary Co-Ordinater), 1st Men’s Group, Cape Town


I feel grateful that as we, the men of our tribe, gather to work out what it means to us to be men, that we have Dakini Kali, our spiritual mother & mother to our divine sisters, come to contribute through the eyes of the divine feminine, especially at this significant astrological time...

~ Craig P, IT Director

I have admired your capacity to create safe, sacred spaces.

~ Amit Prag, Entheos Coach


‘There's a band of women present on earth carrying flaming torches for the evolution of humanity. These women are rare, unique, highly-crafted jewels of the ancient feminine spirit & possess more courage, resilience & perseverance than is fathomable. They've silently walked through thousands upon thousands of years to find themselves back here on earth, charged with the task of re-awakening the deep feminine soul to humanity & earth. Awakened Women don't announce themselves as the Saviours of our Time: they mostly get on with their immense workload with devotion, love & immeasurable commitment to mission.’  Dakini Kali is one of them.

~ Paul Paarman (Landscape Architect), Cape Town

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African Bush Retreat

African Bush Retreats


Kali, what a pleasure to have had the opportunity to learn so much from you. Your heart is endless, and so is your knowledge. I truly felt so well guided by you, without REALLY knowing where we were heading, which would normally give me the feeling of not being in control. But you embody this endless love and trust, and I knew I could follow you bind-folded. Thank you so much for bringing me so much closer to myself and for helping me take down habits & masks, while falling even deeper in love with myself. A lot of doors have opened within me. 

~ Karin Augustin, Germany, African Bush Re-Wilding Retreat


You were a great team - each brought something unique, and you complimented each other perfectly, which gave the retreat a full spectrum of experiences. Thank you for participating, showing up fully and giving so much of yourselves! You had so much knowledge and wisdom to impart, and you were very well-prepared, and present. A deep and transformative experience, I truly loved every second of it!

~ Ann-Kristin Bjornvold (Museum Curator) Norway, African Bush Re-Wilding Retreat


I’m constantly drawing on our Re-wilding!  It was incredibly profound - words cannot describe it:  it’s on such a deep cellular level.  Thank you for your exquisite facilitation.  The junior and senior masculine and feminine meditation was a beautiful and powerful one for me.

~ Tina Bester (Chef, Shaman, Artist) South Africa, African Bush Re-Wilding Retreat

Session Work

Sessions & Retreats


Highly recommended. Gorgeous mastery of her art.

~ Swami Rahasya Advait


I attended a private one-on-one personal retreat with Dakini Kali Satyagraha at Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary in Barrydale, South Africa. 


I chose to undertake a plant medicine journey with Kali, who is a gifted teacher and holder of safe, sacred space.  I am a male medical specialist / physician.  I  consider myself to also be a spiritual seeker, and student of consciousness. 


There are no words to describe the journey.  Kali is an experienced plant medicine facilitator.  She creates a safe place that is both grounded and liberating, in order to have a deep, intimate personal journey.  Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary is also an ideal setting for reflection and spiritual growth.


There is a renewed interest in plant medicine, even from the medical community.  I feel confident now to recommend plant medicine to anyone interested in the journey, even when I am “wearing the hat “of a doctor in a manner of speaking. 


“In Zen we don’t look for answers. We lose the questions.“   This Zen quote summarises my plant medicine journey.  I arrived with questions.  I did not receive any answers as such, but I left illuminated with fewer questions. 

~ NM ~ (Physician) 


Working on my healing journey from childhood abuse and trauma with Kali has been transfomational and life changing. She has lovingly supported me to dive into the depths of my being to release what is no longer serving me - this has made space for me to blossom into the embodied, open hearted and vibrant woman I am today. She holds space impeccably with great integrity and safety - she provides a container to feel and express it ALL - the good the bad and the ugly! She is the real deal - no bullshit or false promises - she is a committed seeker of truth and shares her own journey generously and humbly. I am forever grateful for her firm and loving wisdom and guidance - she has held my hand on the journey back home to my true embodied self. Thank you beloved Kali sister of my heart.

~ Sally Berg ~ Photographer & Social Warrior (Cape Town)

My time with Kali has changed my life. And my ongoing friendship and learning with her continues to do so. As I deepen my own spiritual inquiry, I notice there are fewer and fewer people and places where I truly feel met. Each time I am in Kali’s presence, be it in the delight of her retreat space, Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary, or online, I am deeply met. Even this simple connection I find transformative, clearing away my inner clutter and old stories to remember who I really am. Because Kali really knows who she is, and then endlessly, generously, reflects that back. 

Few people I know have, with such brave perseverance, sat with and pierced their suffering the way Kali has, and from this flows her powerful compassion and understanding, helping me gain deep insight into my own trauma patterns, empowering me to further release them. No matter how wild or dark or out there my stuff is, Kali can take it. She’s already been there. And whilst she holds impeccable non-judgmental safe space, her core passion for truth is a fire that cuts through both personal and global illusions/delusions that cause so much harm.

There was a delicious ease with which Kali and I would drop into deep space, and over several days I soaked up her wisdom, always offered with humour, until I noticed she was stringing together my own points of hard-won truth into a coherent galaxy of wholeness that affirms and liberates me. But there is no grandstanding. She conceals none of her human frailty, and therefore the teacher effortlessly becomes a friend, and a healthy, healing intimacy grows because her boundaries as a practitioner are clear and maintained. 

Kali’s generosity and love, her wisdom and humility, combined with her profound sense of purpose and service to Truth, create a space I would recommend to anyone who is longing for more clarity, wholeness and depth.

~ Jason Courtis ~ Tantric Practitioner (California)


You are saturated with light & power & embody more divine feminine (& sexual) energy than any woman I've encountered in this life.. I've also been a witness to the divine being channeled through you & want to say thank you for the major part you've played in my personal journey. You live & love selflessly & I hope you might be replenished abundantly in the way that you give of yourself. 

~ Brent Robert Hill (Photographer), Cape Town


Kali, you are an awesome Mother Archetype. Your impact will be felt for generations.

~ Jim A (Retired Deputy Chief Engineer, NASA), USA


As always hearing your voice (even over email), makes my heart warm.
You, the one carrying your wisdom and love and understanding, your
courage and your grace.  What an honour to know a true Witch of our
Time.  Something about your ability to link tradition and
ancient wisdom with modern ways of living.  And embracing it all.  That
stuff: that is just the stuff you do so well, so naturally.  And again, separately, I thought of you over the weekend whilst spending time with a close friend of a lot of us up here, Brendan.  He has a very advanced cancer of the colon and liver; and is dying.  I thought of you when I momentarily felt insecure about my ability to be there for him in this time.  And I got over that insecurity.  Being is not about trying to be, but just to be.  You've  helped me in finding that awareness.  Thank you beloved.

~ Alek Beyers, Management Consultant


Loving Touch Workshops & Retreats


Hi Kali thank you so much for a very special weekend. I just had a beautiful experience now giving Reiki to a young girl who was breaking and feeling the world was too cruel to deal with. I left her now in a deep sleep. The love that was cultivated in my heart for the whole weekend poured out of me into her and her beautiful smile as she turned over made the whole weekend worth it. You have a special gift that you shared with all of us.

~ Paul Paarman post Weekend Dance Intensive Nov 2017 

With Kali, growth is inevitable.

~ Jason Paul (Photographer)


I love you Kali. Your soul, I feel, holds vital threads of this universe together.

~ Darren R, Cape Town (Musician, Poet, Jeweller)


Aah Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary! Is it possible to fall in love with a place, a space.. so magical, so delightful…every corner has its own piece of beauty. .. It's own sense of delight... I cannot wait to be back... It feels like home. Thank you Kali for your creation of light, wisdom and peaceful rejuvenation.

~ Wendy Paarman (Swimming & Yoga Instructor)


I really would like you to know Kali, that I thoroughly enjoyed your company and the times we did shared together. I felt very at ease and comfortable with you and I think you are a pillar of the dance and spiritual community and a genuinely beautiful soul.

~ Eric Genty (Entrepreneur), USA 




~ Retreat Yourself ~


I attended Retreat Yourself this weekend & loved the Shamanic Trance Dance journey.  Please could you keep me updated on any future events.

~ Liezel de Klerck, Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


Absolutely one of my favourite moments. Thanks Kali, you are a Nebula.

~ Mark Wellens (Landscape Artist), Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


This was the most moving and heart opening two hours for me - thank you Goddesses

~ Margarita Celeste, Red Tent @ Retreat Yourself Festival, 2019 


The Shamanic Trance Dance was one of the most transformative moments of my life. Thank you for curating that space and allowing for the magic to take place.

~ Sarah Lee Beckett, Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


What a treat it was indeed :-) As always, I learn so much about myself in your amazing company, and Valentina's. Thank you for sharing your divine talent and blessings. The Shamanic dance was a heart opener of note for me.

~ Leigh Burgess, Red Tent & Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


Kali I loved meeting you and partaking in all your talks and workshops this weekend- I wanted to know if you ever do your dance classes in town ever?

~ Kelly Jennifer, Red Tent & Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


Would you please add me to your mailing list?  The experience at the shamanic dance really touched me and I’d love to learn more.

~ Olivia Krouwkam, Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


Thank you so, so much for this weekend and all the knowledge you shared! I'd love to be on your database.

~ Emma Bergh, Red Tent & Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


Honestly one of the most transformative, interconnected, beautiful moments I have ever experienced. Beyond grateful that I was blessed to be able to share the experience with a group of such incredible, conscious souls.

~ Guy Melless Dalamakis, Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019


~ SpiritFest ~


I just had a client who was at your SpiritFest class – I hear from many it was so transformative – I feel so humbled and honoured that I got to be there with you – now I’m going to cry – she was transformed that day, and is now getting married, and I spoke about Kali (the goddess) and I say how she’s fierce, she’s terrifying and she says, yes, yes she is terrifying, and I say Kali the goddess, and she says, no Kali from SpiritFest, she’s terrifying, and I say Kali with the long blonde hair is not terrifying, and she says yes, she’s scary I’m completely intimidated by her. Why? I ask, because when she looks at me, it feels like she can see straight through me, and it’s unnerving, and I can’t hide anything.  The truth!  And I thought yeah, Kaliji – this is guru-woman-ship, so I told her, this is true guru, because the guru sees your truth, and when you prevent seeing your own truth, in the presence of the guru you can’t do that anymore, because she’s so free, liberated, she doesn’t hook into your contraction, but she sees your freedom that you still don’t recognise yet.  I was very moved how she spoke about you.  I love you so profoundly.

~ VALENTINA LEO, aka MRS LOVE, (Traditional Tantra Dakini) SpiritFest, June 2018


Dearest Kali, thank you for all you are and share with the world. 

~ Beankha, Cape Town 


I joined the SpiritFest, while I was travelling in South Africa this year and had interesting and amazing experiences in the Red Tent!!  It turned out to be my most favourite place at the festival ;)  I am really interested to join the RED TENT GATHERING, in DEN HAAG, HOLLAND.

~ Andrea Schoof, Germany


~ Learning Clan ~

Kali Widd has been an integral part of the annual Learning Clan Festival, since it’s inception in 2015. 

I would absolutely recommend her on any line up at any festival world-wide. She has an uncanny ability to add a heightened dimension to the dance experience as a DJ, engaging her unique skills to manifest an uplifting energy among the crowd with her spoken word. Not intrusively at all, just subtly bringing awareness to the power of focusing consciousness throughout the dance. The effect is sublime.

Our festival is an off-grid, co-created village of knowledge, skills and performance sharing. This creates a wealth of music, workshops, talks, movement classes, healing and our own money-free trading system. 

Kali has been a huge contributor to the gathering each year, reminding all of us of the importance of engaging and expressing the masculine and feminine in these changing times. 

 She hosts the Red Tent as a space for women to come and express their innermost feelings, angst, joy, confusion, pain surrounded by supportive women who understand the need for vulnerability, understanding or solitude. 

It is a much needed and much appreciated addition to our festival and we are hugely grateful for

Kali’s presence and wisdom.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invite this powerful Goddess to your event! Besides her vast array of skills, she is a warm hearted, friendly soul with much integrity and an absolute joy to work with.

~ Angie Curtis, Co-Founder, Learning Clan

Dance Journey & DJ Kali

Dance Journeys & DJ Kali


Thank you so much DeeJay Kali Satyagraha Widd for your love and magnificent space holding for our wedding, and your incredible music -  it wouldn't have been the same without you. 

~ Chiree Gildenhuys (Bride), Garden Route, South Africa

Sometimes use "Shamanic Medicine TranceDance #3" as background to home yoga. 🙂 Thank you.

~ James, South Africa

@kaliwidd thanks for the #vibe. Ecstatic Trance Dance No. 1 on #soundcloud Check it out!

~ Bridget (Artist), New Jersey

I'm busy listening to your track now and all I can say is WOW! Loving this so much. Putting me in some beautiful mind states, almost feels like I've taken something lol, very awesome Kali you have a gift.

~ Jasmine, Cape Town

THANK YOU Kali! Loving those SoundCloud playlists so much! 

~ Flora, Canada

Your music choice for the dances, they bring so much to me, I love to dance them and hope others can also enjoy! Such a generous offering!

~ Sonnet Flynn (Artist, Feminine Channel), South Africa

Huge hug and big kiss from the cloud connected dance planet 🎶🦋 high vibes. Hope you are all moving and shaking your asses. Thank you Kali Satyagraha Widd for the powerful zoom connection yesterday.

~ Salomé Fernwood (Dancer), Cape Town

Absolutely great line up!!! 😍🥳🧞‍♀️ F.cking adore your music!!!

~ Ulrike, Switzerland

Mmmmmmm yumminess on every level.

~ Zo (Yoga Instructor), India

Thank you Kali! Mystical pleasures.

 ~ Aziza (Poet, Singer), South Africa

Love it Kali!! Yeeeeeahhhhh.  Thanks.

~ Jarrah, (Singer, Composer, Eco Activist), Australia

Abolutely loved this dance session, thank you.

~ Thandi, Garden Route

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