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WOW! Thank you so much for generously sharing this recording!! I'm so grateful that I got to see you on the Ecstatic Women's Summit last week! 

I used to dance all the time! 5 Rhythms, Nia, Zumba, and other substance - free conscious dances...

I'm 53 now and have raised 4 kids, created, run, and sold a business, and now I am focusing on embodiment, healing trauma, and listening to/ following my heart. 
All this to say, today my husband and I did your Blissdance, each with lots of space to move and free up! It was so healing and wonderful!! We both are feeling a lot more embodied, present and spacious from dancing. We both loved the music. And we both send you much gratitude and love!

I am excited to participate more. 

I really love your energy and what you are sharing.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful, joyful, abundant and magical holiday time. 

With much gratitude and love,

~ Mara Moon 

Women's Retreats

I met you for the first time at the Red Tent.  You are a glorious being and gifted facilitator. It was such a joy to see you in all your fullness and genius.  You made holding space for 70 women look a breeze!


I have never witnessed such seamless co-facilitation.  I loved how you (and Valentina) look time to set up each exercise – talking us through what we might meet on the way but never resolving our tension. I felt you see each woman in the room (tent). You created such deliciousness and such spaciousness. 

Thank you for your deep appreciation of the sacred. Thank you for sitting in circle with us, listening deeply and showing us the many faces of the One. I appreciate your approachability, your lively mind and the depth of your soul. 

Your ceremonial appreciation of a dear sister touched me deeply.  

You raise my hope for a better world and for genuine sisterhood.

~ Gwendolen Ward (Spiritual Doula), UK & SA, The RED Retreat 2022

Awakening the Masculine

I have met many on my journey around this wonderful place and time that we are in, but few like you. I cherish our encounters and hold your words of wisdom and insight close to me heart and for the first time allowed another voice to help guide me to a better place.

That is what you have come to mean to me.

Be well and know that I love you.

~ Gulam Mather (Businessman), 1st Men’s Group, Cape Town

African Bush Retreats

Kali, what a pleasure to have had the opportunity to learn so much from you. Your heart is endless, and so is your knowledge. I truly felt so well guided by you, without REALLY knowing where we were heading, which would normally give me the feeling of not being in control. But you embody this endless love and trust, and I knew I could follow you bind-folded. Thank you so much for bringing me so much closer to myself and for helping me take down habits & masks, while falling even deeper in love with myself. A lot of doors have opened within me. 

~ Karin Augustin, Germany, African Bush Re-Wilding Retreat

Private Sessions & Retreats

Highly recommended. Gorgeous mastery of her art.

~ Swami Rahasya Advait

Loving Touch Workshops & Retreats

Hi Kali thank you so much for a very special weekend. I just had a beautiful experience now giving Reiki to a young girl who was breaking and feeling the world was too cruel to deal with. I left her now in a deep sleep. The love that was cultivated in my heart for the whole weekend poured out of me into her and her beautiful smile as she turned over made the whole weekend worth it.


You have a special gift that you shared with all of us.


~ Paul Paarman post Weekend Dance Intensive Nov 2017 


I attended Retreat Yourself this weekend & loved the Shamanic Trance Dance journey. 

Please could you keep me updated on any future events.

~ Liezel de Klerck, Shamanic Trance Dance @ Retreat Yourself, 2019

Dance Journeys & DJ Kali

Thank you so much DeeJay Kali Satyagraha Widd for your love and magnificent space holding for our wedding, and your incredible music -  it wouldn't have been the same without you. 

~ Chiree Gildenhuys (Bride), Garden Route, South Africa

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