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Welcome to Dakini Kali’s Body of Love.

Please make yourself comfortable; feel right at home.

Relax, slow down.

We have all the time in the world.

Let's invite our hearts to become acquainted. 


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Kali Satyagraha grew up in Africa, a continent of immense beauty, continuous turmoil, cultural diversity and wild extremes, mirroring her rich inner world of intensity and duality. She excelled academically, and was financially independent of her parents by the time she left school.  After graduating with Honours in the arts/humanities, she travelled Europe, returning home 18 months later to work for a 'Freedom Struggle Publisher' in South Africa (David Phillip Publisher), dodging tear gas and bullets whilst promoting Liberation Literature in townships under siege by the Apartheid regime. She also worked for the renowned independent newspaper, The Mail & Guardian, before taking up a Strategic Planning position in advertising, rising to the position of Board Director of several top agencies, both in South Africa and the UK. 

Growing weary of promoting shallow, disembodied unconsciousness, she transitioned to exploring spiritually embodied consciousness and healing through an unquenchable thirst for Truth. Until then her personal life had been plagued by physical and mental dis-ease, characterised by a splitting – or polarity – in her psyche and physical body. She determined to heal herself of endometrial infertility and bipolar disorder, while reclaiming her feminine agency within a patriarchal paradigm.  Recognising everything in life is perfect, and happens for a reason, Kali's lived challenges have included childhood scarcity, two divorces, solo parenting, the tragic death of her child’s Kenyan father, revealing family secrets, and so-called ‘incurable’ mental and physical dis-ease.

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