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~ About Santa Fe Soul Santuary ~

SANTA FE SOUL SANCTUARY is a boutique retreat in the Klein Karoo, embraced by rolling farmlands and the majestic Langeberg mountains, and situated on the fringe of the quaint, colourful  village of Barrydale.

Santa Fe is famous for opening her arms in warm welcome to all guests and clients seeking peace, tranquility, healing, transformation and growth.

SANTA FE means Saint Fe, a female martyr who died for her beliefs.  As our village sits at the top of the TRADOUW PASS, which means 'Way of the Women' according to the Khoi people, the nomenclature of the sanctuary feels entirely appropriate, especially given the New Mexico design motifs sprinkled throughout:  an African desert home meeting an American desert aesthetic. 

It's a very TANTRIC SPACE because it occupies several edges: already mentioned is the African and American edge; plus the village and farmland edge; then there's the semi-arid desert and lush coastal edge (where the pass drops down to the sea), and lastly the Cape Town ~ Garden Route edge (Barrydale being equidistant between the two).

~ Unique Spirit of Place ~

I believe one of the reasons people feel so held and welcome here is because of its special spirit of place.  The previous owner was a gentle Buddhist monk called Ken, who villagers speak of fondly.  I feel his compassionate energy everywhere.  Furthermore, the sanctuary has its own consciousness, and has on occasion supported me directly in my work.  For example, a young Jewish girl joined one of the women's weekend intensives, complaining of suffering from high and persistent anxiety.  One evening were were roasting vegetables in the gas oven, but the pilot flame kept on going out, leaving a smell of gas in the air.  This had not happened before.  Upon going to bed, she asked me if I'd open all the windows in the kitchen, as she was worried about a gas leak.  We went one better, and invited her to turn off the gas bottles herself.  The next morning she hugged me in gratitude, saying it was the first decent night's sleep she'd had in years.  She then shared her job with us:  to record and archive hundreds of ancestral testimonies of Jewish families living in Cape Town during the Holocaust.

~ Santa Fe Short Film ~
~ Highlights ~

~ Spacious back courtyard for AL FRESCO DINING in fine weather

~ Large sparkling SALT WATER POOL with SHADY POOL DECK, to cool down during the hot desert summers, and for cold water immersions in winter for Wim Hof Method enthusiasts

~ Wild LIVING LABYRINTH for mindful mini-caminos at sunrise or sunset

~ Self-contained RUSTIC COTTAGE with own kitchen, bathroom, entrance, and sliding doors onto the back garden

~ OUTDOOR BATH for night bathing under the twinkling Milky Way


~ VIEWING DECK over the surrounding farmlands and mountains

~ ART LOVER'S PARADISE ~ Kali has been collecting fine art since her teens 

~ Barrydale is situated on the famous R62, the LONGEST WINE ROUTE in the world, and recently voted most scenic by CNN

~ The village has wonderful restaurants, a fine hotel, an international retreat centre, and is home to one of South Africa's top designers, Gert van der Merwe, as well as THE MAGPIE ART COLLECTIVE, which creates magnificent chandeliers from recycled materials.  Two were purchased for Barack Obama's daughters whilst resident in the White House

~ Barrydale in Bloom (open gardens in October) and the Barrydale Art Meander / Lighting of the Christmas Installation / Giant HandSprung Puppet Parade (December festivities), are some of the many highlights on the social calendar

~ Môreson and The Donkey Shed are great places for antiques and collectibles

~ The restorative WARMWATERBERG HOT WATER SPRINGS is a short 20 minute drive from the Sanctuary

~ Off-grid homesteading is practiced by many in nearby SUURBRAAK

~ The 2nd oldest town in South Africa ~ historic Swellendam ~ is only 62 km away

~ Please Note ~

There are 5 short-haired feline friends living at Santa Fe,

so its not suited to those allergic to cats.

~ The Landscape ~
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