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Media Features

~Kali's features in the media ~

The Forecast Summit 

~2023 - 2025 ~

Kali spoke live on Sunday 13 November 2022 on the topic:

'How Unity Consciousness is at the forefront of human evolution'

This interview was originally part of The 2023 | 2024 | 2025 Forecast Event, a global conference created by Jocelyn Star Feather. You can learn more about Jocelyn's work on her website:


Speaking the Language of the Soul


Dr Veselka Nikolova hosted a global summit to explore the many ways the soul can heal us, and lead us back home to our true natures.


In this interview, Kali Satyagraha shares her raw, uncensored journey from physical and psychological polarity to wholeness and healing, guided innately by her higher self, or soul.


This is a courageous, sensational talk around family secrets, ancestral shadows and the dis-eases caused by long-term repressed belief systems, trauma and shame.


Podcast with Emmi Mutale

Sacred Feminine Power Podcast

Ep 48:

Kali Widd

"Dancing the Deep Feminine"

Pilgrim Documentary Series

Kali facilitates

a medicine wheel dance journey

in this episode on

Shamanic & Trance Dance

medicine for these times.jpg

Medicine for All Times

Online summit for Medicine Men and Women to join in the Global Conversation at present.

28 June 2020


Dancing back to School

Movement & Mindfulness for

Vulnerable Children


Ecstatic Woman Summit



Kali was interviewed by Summit host, Olya Shapiro, about the importance of embodying our beautiful, blissful, breathing female bodies.

There is so much wisdom & pleasure available to women when we stop judging our bodies, and start loving them.


The Power of Pleasure

Kali gives her glorious insights regarding the topic ‘Empowering Through Pleasure’.

Have a listen to her powerful and moving words.


BlissDance Masterclass

Kali introduces BlissDance 

to the

Shakti Shiva Global Community

(Zoom Recording)

the red treat cover visual.jpg

Ask the Crones

The RED Retreat

For these online gatherings, respected crones to share their wisdom and experience in the tradition of The Red Tent.

media 2.jpg

I'm an African Too

Kali interviewed about her unlikely

African ancestry

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