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The Forecast Summit

Kali spoke live on Sunday 13 November 2022 on the topic:

'How Unity Consciousness is at the forefront of human evolution'

This interview was originally part of The 2023 | 2024 | 2025 Forecast Event, a global conference created by Jocelyn Star Feather. You can learn more about Jocelyn's work on her website:


Joy's Inspired Conversation with BlissDance Teacher Kali Widd

Joy Taylor talks with Kali Widd of South Africa. Joy met Kali during her sabbatical year and international pilgrimage. As Joy was seeking 'spiritual embodiment' Kali became a guide.


Kali Widd is a BlissDance trainer, Dakini, DeeJay, and guide to consciousness. A student of Shakti Malan and faculty and member of Shakti Shiva Academy, listen in to her profound wisdom and feel the high vibe. You can liberate your shame and awaken your bliss through dance.


Kali and Joy share how. 


Shakti Shiva Academy - Kali & Valentina share their BlissDance journey, experiences and insights - Feb 2023 

One of the first principles of BlissDance, as a Tantric movement practice of Awakening, is Presence – being present in the here and now, in our bodies, in our senses. BlissDance is the Dakini's way of expressing embodied consciousness in harmony with cosmic reality. This month’s Gather ‘round is a pre-recorded conversation with Kali Satyagraha Widd and Valentina Leo, in which they share their personal BlissDance journeys with us…


Shakti Shiva Academy - Kali & Steph introduce BlissDance Foundation Training to the World - LIVE Q&A Session - Jan 2023

This month’s Gather ‘round, is a Q&A session with Kali Satyagraha Widd - the dancing Dakini - and Stephen Tredrea, who together will introduce BlissDance as a Tantric Movement Practice of Awakening. They’ll also share some of the juicy highlights of the very first offering of our BlissDance Training – Level 1 Year 1 Foundation - Personal & Practitioner Mastery, starting in May 2023. This course can be taken as a Personal Mastery Program or as the first step towards a Professional Certification Track should you continue to Level 2 (Professional Mastery) and Level 3 (Specialist Mastery).


Ecstatic Woman Summit

Kali was interviewed by Summit host, Olya Shapiro, about the importance of embodying our beautiful, blissful, breathing female bodies.

There is so much wisdom & pleasure available to women when we stop judging our bodies, and start loving them.

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Marja West's Conversations with Women

LoveTruth&Beauty Episode 343 - the 4th installment for thenew video series: Conversations with Women.

LoveTruth&Beauty is hosted by Marja West.


Shakti Shiva Academy - Rhianne & Kali on "Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence" 7-week course (2022)

Discover how to release your old sexual patterning, come home to your body of bliss and live your full power as an embodiment of the Feminine. Be part of Shakti Shiva Academy's 7-Week live, interactive online program to initiate your true sexual flowering.


Speaking the Language of the Soul Summit

Dr Veselka Nikolova hosted a global summit to explore the many ways the soul can heal us, and lead us back home to our true natures.


In this interview, Kali Satyagraha shares her raw, uncensored journey from physical and psychological polarity to wholeness and healing, guided innately by her higher self, or soul.


This is a courageous, sensational talk around family secrets, ancestral shadows and the dis-eases caused by long-term repressed belief systems, trauma and shame.


The Power of Pleasure

Dakini Kali gives her glorious insights regarding the topic ‘Empowering Through Pleasure’.

Have a listen to her powerful and moving words.

Created for Lube Ladies

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BlissDance Masterclass

Kali introduces BlissDance  to the Shakti Shiva Global Community

(Zoom Recording)


Podcast with Emmi Mutale

"Kali Satyagraha Widd, a deeply loved & widely respected facilitator & practitioner of body- and movement-based healing modalities, a RedTent facilitator and a world music DJ, shares about her journey of healing from a horse riding accident that gave her the wake up call that she needed to move from a successful career in advertising and marketing that did not make her happy to fulfilling her soul purpose. Our chat weaves in so much richness from the importance of balancing our sacred feminine and masculine energies, rooting into Mama Earth's infinite wisdom, taking conscious steps towards living in heart-centred 5D consciousness and much, much more!"

This episode is one of the Top 10 episodes of Sacred Feminine Power podcast, see the list here.

Read more about Emmi Mutale here.​

Listen to this episode on the following platforms: SpotifyApple & Google

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Pilgrim Documentary Series

Join Dr Makgati Mokwena on her documentary series called "Pilgrim".

In this episode, she will be exploring movement and how it can bring us into trance states and connect with God.


Find out more about her website here.

Kali facilitates a medicine wheel dance journey in this episode on Shamanic & Trance Dance.

medicine for these times.jpg

Medicine for All Times

Community of Spirit are creating an online Summit for Medicine Men and Women to join in the Global Conversation at present. All our Voices matter at this time. This sharing is offered to assist our Brothers and Sisters, individually as well as Collectively, in creating our new Earth Systems and to restore Balance upon our Sacred Mother Earth.

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-23 at 6.59.35 PM.jpeg

Ask the Crones: The RED Retreat

For these online gatherings, respected crones to share their wisdom and experience in the tradition of The Red Tent.

This online circle is an introduction to our annual in-person gathering on the banks of the Breede River: The RED Retreat - A Gathering of Wild Women - 5 DAYS OF SACRED MYSTERY TEACHINGS & Embodied Women's Wisdom.

For more information and to register:

I'm an African Too

Kali interviewed about her unlikely African ancestry & the calling by her Khoi maternal grandmother-guide to hold a healing-xenophobia ceremony, & to light a candle in 'the Dark City of the Dark Continent, (Alexandra Township, Johannesburg).

There has been no reported xenophobia since the ceremony held on Heritage Day.

It is here Kali met her Spirit Family, the Ramodikes.

Click on the image to open up and read the article.

Dancing back to School

Dance Assembly Movement & Mindfulness for Vulnerable Children

Supporting Children from Marginalised Communities to Remember Who They are Through Dance


KALI was a Dance Assembly Facilitator for the year of 2019.

There’s a growing realisation more needs to be done to take WHOLE CHILD DEVELOPMENT into account by actively developing children’s social and emotional intelligence. With high rates of poverty, crime, domestic violence, gangsterism, mental illness, HIV/AIDS and abuse, South African society is one that is particularly stressed.

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