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Bespoke Private Retreats



~ Come Home to Yourself ~


Do you sometimes long for a retreat that's tailored specifically to your needs, where you don't have to share the space with anyone else?

Is there deep trauma healing required where you would prefer total privacy and confidentiality?

Kali offers bespoke True Tantra Retreats for individuals and couples within the privacy of her beautiful boutique sanctuary space - Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary -  situated on the ancestral lands of  The First People of Humanity, the Khoi and the San, in the Klein Karoo, South Africa.

Santa Fe is dedicated solely to Everyday Living Ritual for Lovers of Truth who desire a sacred space away from the busy-ness of city life, where the air is crystal  clean, birdsong fills the silence, the sunrise / sunsets are spectacular, and the vistas spacious and evocative.


Here you can unwind, rest, relax, reset and breathe!

Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary is imbued with Spirit of Place, and has a consciousness of its own, which is ever-welcoming, peaceful and calm.

Retreats are designed entirely around you, and Kali will always give you what you need, not necessarily what you want.  



- Bespoke retreats are a minimum of 3 nights / 4 days

- Clients provide personal context and their intentions in advance, which is treated in the strictest confidence

- a follow up check-in session happens a month post retreat via Zoom 

- You have your own private cottage

- Retreats are self-catered, although catering can be arranged at an additional fee

- Retreat quotes vary according to your specifications

- Plant medicine (San Pedro) can be included if the calling is authentic

Kali combines years of experiences holding healing spaces employing True Tantra, African Wisdom Shamanism, Feminine Intuition, together with the many movement and embodiment tools and meditation practices gathered over a lifetime.

To discover more about Kali's approach to holding healing spaces, as well as about Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary, scroll down.

The greatest journey is the one you undertake within.

The greatest investment is the one you make in yourself.

~ Highlights ~

~ Spacious back courtyard for AL FRESCO DINING in fine weather

~ Large sparkling SALT WATER POOL with SHADY POOL DECK, to cool down during the hot desert summers, and for cold water immersions in winter for Wim Hof Method enthusiasts

~ Wild LIVING LABYRINTH for mindful mini-caminos at sunrise or sunset

~ Self-contained RUSTIC COTTAGE with own kitchen, bathroom, entrance, and sliding doors onto the back garden

~ OUTDOOR BATH for night bathing under the twinkling Milky Way


~ VIEWING DECK over the surrounding farmlands and mountains

~ ART LOVER'S PARADISE ~ Kali has been collecting fine art since her teens 

~ Barrydale is situated on the famous R62, the LONGEST WINE ROUTE in the world, and recently voted most scenic by CNN

~ The village has wonderful restaurants, a fine hotel, an international retreat centre, and is home to one of South Africa's top designers, Gert van der Merwe, as well as THE MAGPIE ART COLLECTIVE, which creates magnificent chandeliers from recycled materials.  Two were purchased for Barack Obama's daughters whilst resident in the White House

~ Barrydale in Bloom (open gardens in October) and the Barrydale Art Meander / Lighting of the Christmas Installation / Giant HandSprung Puppet Parade (December festivities), are some of the many highlights on the social calendar

~ Môreson and The Donkey Shed are great places for antiques and collectibles

~ The restorative WARMWATERBERG HOT WATER SPRINGS is a short 20 minute drive from the Sanctuary

~ Off-grid homesteading is practiced by many in nearby SUURBRAAK

~ The 2nd oldest town in South Africa ~ historic Swellendam ~ is only 62 km away

~ Please Note ~

There are 5 short-haired feline friends living at Santa Fe,

so its not suited to those allergic to cats.

~ Santa Fe Short Film ~

Private Sessions
(In-Person or Online)

Session Work About


~ All of You is Welcome Here ~

Kali offers any Lover of Truth, the opportunity to MEDITATE YOURSELF through powerful IMMERSIVE SESSIONS - preferably in person, however Zoom calls also prove effective. 

Sometimes one session is all that's needed, sometimes a series of sessions is required.

The client regulates the relationship.

In the safe, sacred container of the session there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, nowhere to go, and nobody to be.

Together we rest back as EMBODIED AWARENESS and gently enquire with open hearts and open minds.

The most important questions to ask are, 'Who are you really?  And as THAT in THIS MOMENT, what do you really , really want?'

Resting as embodied consciousness, all is welcome here.

We recognise nothing is personal, and unconscious patterns playing say nothing about who we are; they simply say something about what's expressing through who we are.

These unconscious ancestral patterns almost always arise from a need to survive, and then get passed down the ancestral lineages unquestioned.

Overlaid onto these existential ancestral patterns is our own lived experiences, which  include trauma, and layer upon layer of social conditioning.  We develop coping mechanisms to self-sooth the hungry ghost looking for love and belonging in a number of ways -  through avoidance, addictions, distraction and busy-ness.

Life is lived in survival mode - in fight, flight or frozen - and is limited to a world of black and white, good and bad, and us and them.  We experience ourselves as separate and rely on the trickster monkey mind to guide us, cut off from the unlimited, sensed wisdom of the body, wondering why we can't find lasting love, fulfilment, peace and meaning.  Deep down we know there is so much more to life!  We suspect we are multi-dimensional beings connected to all that is, yet the path to thrive eludes us.  Until now.

Whilst Kali holds the energetic authority to keep the container safe and sacred, contrary to popular opinions, there is only one of us here.  We are in this together.  There are no hierarchies, jargon, hooks, entanglements, projections, transferences or guru-glorification here.

Self-regulation, discernment, healthy boundaries, and  agency and are consciously cultured.

This is a space of non-judgement,  deep compassion and playful curiosity

After all, if we lose our sense of humour, then we've lost everything.

In advance of a session, Kali requests whatever context you're prepared to share in confidence to optimise our time together.

Should you feel called to an even deeper dive than a series of sessions, perhaps consider booking a bespoke, private retreat.


Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary
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Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary