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Full Moon RED Circles

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Beloved sisters, lovers of truth & embodied consciousness movers & groovers,

I invite you to join me as together we drop into the deep feminine mystery of the womb, out of which all innate wisdom emanates, and from where all healing happens spontaneously by itself - no efforting, no pushing, no 'working at it,' or fixing. By simply being the compassionate, conscious space for it all to be there, we naturally discover grace, peace, love and harmony.

In this intimate space, there's no hierarchy, no 'teacher' and no learning; only curiosity, remembering, sharing and co-creating. I hold the energetic space for the container to be safe however, I don't impose on you.

My invitation is one of self-activation, self-alchemy, self-regulation & authentic agency simply by being in a co-created field of loving embodied consciousness, with your bullshit detector turned on, and your discernment most welcome.

My sacred ground is non-duality True Tantra, where everything and everyone is included - no right or wrong, no good or bad, or even someone to be. Totality.

Full Moon Red Cirlce.png

I may employ several powerful tools and practices during our time together (BlissDance, Shamanic Dance, breath work, meditation), however, if you're looking for 'the answer' or a silver bullet, this is not for you. In the space of the deep feminine mystery, we come 'not knowing,' guided in the dark by the wisdom of Shakti, held in loving presence by Shiva. I bow to her and submit to her guidance. I have no other agenda. A light structure is in place to keep the feminine from collapsing into chaos, but beyond that, we flow with what arises in the group. The weekend is intended to 'fill your cup' so we leave embodying powerfully soft, receptive wisdom and juicy vitality. All womxn with a love of truth welcome.

Full Moon Red Cirlce.png

Dates for 2024

TBC / on request

Investment in Yourself

R 3,750.00
Shared Accommodation + Buy & Prepare 1 Meal


Stunning Santa Fe Soul Sanctuary, in the Klein Karoo - with large salt water pool, lush garden, decks with exceptional rural views, living labyrinth, and hot water outdoor shower and bath.

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