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Online Practitioner Training


It's with great excitement we announce the launch of the BlissDance Foundation Training Course, launching in collaboration with the Shakti Shiva Academy in May 2023.


BlissDance Foundation Training


Personal & Practitioner Mastery

Why BlissDance?



 It invites us to feel , express and move to the pulsating EROS OF LIFE ~ the light, the dark, the shadow ~ leaving nothing out.

 In doing so, we dance ourselves back home into our hearts, into love, and into our authentic essence.

It is the dance of True Intimacy with Self.

BlissDance seduces us into an intricate weave of INTIMACY WITH REALITY, where we get to savour directly the sacred NECTAR OF LIFE.

Some say it is the art of dancing the SACRED and the SENSUAL as a


Its burning question is, 'What do you really, really want?'

Can you allow yourself to EMBODY YOUR DESIRE?

"BlissDance is the Dakini's way of expressing embodied consciousness in harmony with cosmic reality."


Dakini is SkyDancer

She is movement, sound, energy in motion, constantly shapeshifting & changing like the weather.
When we move consciously to music, we align ourselves with the way of the Deep Inner Feminine within us all.

BlissDance is a relational, organic weave designed to facilitate:

~ the regeneration of our erotic and creative life force energies

~ the gentle release of 'body armouring;' our emotional protection against feeling it all

~ a profound connection with our passionate , intuitive, instinctual selves

~ a strengthening of that still , silent centre within us from which everything arises

~ a deepening capacity for intimate presencing with ourselves and with others, as well as with all of existence

~ the integration of split polarities into an integrated, balanced whole

~ direct embodied experiences of our multi-dimensional selves, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and the mundane to the magical

Ultimately, BlissDance invites us into the oceanic experience of the liquid body melting into the larger body of life; and into eternal flowing bliss.

As beloved BlissDance founder, Shakti Malan said:

Bliss is what happens

when we fully embrace

both our shadow & our light

And we come to rest as Love


Syllabus Outline

  • 1 X 25-page PDF theoretical document per month (9 in total)

  • 2 x 2- hour online classes per month, mostly on a Tuesday (18 in total)

  • 3 x 2-hour informal study halls (3 in total)

  • 3 x 2-hour guest teacher classes (3 in total)


For those students wanting to


- a further 10-day in person retreat in South Africa is required, at an additional investment TBC

-  9-month online Facilitator Training  at an additional investment TBC

Who Would Benefit?

The course is aimed at

1) those desiring to deepen in their own dance practice

2) somatic, embodiment practitioners looking to significantly expand their embodiment toolkit

3) those feeling called to facilitate BlissDance, or evolve their own form of conscious dance

Some previous conscious dance experience would be useful, as well as a level of comfort with emotional intimacy and familiarity with mindfulness practices.


Starting 10 May 2023


Online through Shakti Shiva Academy

blissdance prac trainign.JPG

Shakti's first group of BlissDance Facilitators

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