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Bespoke, Private
African Bush Retreats


We long to breath pure fresh air into our lungs stretched out under starry heavens, the wind tangled in our hair, the rich loamy soil of the earth planted firmly beneath our feet.


As Maria Sabina, an indigenous medicine woman invites:

'Cure yourself with the light of the sun & the rays of the moon.
With the sound of the river & waterfall,
With the swaying of tall grasses & the fluttering of birds.
Heal yourself with sweet kisses from the sighing wind & soaking hugs from the pouring rain.
Get strong with bare feet on the ground, & with everything that is born from it.
Get smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the stars with your glittering third eye.
Jump, dance, & sing, so that you live happier.
Heal yourself with beautiful love, & always remember...Earth is the medicine.'

GROW WILD WITH KALI offers bespoke Safari Retreats in spectacular wilderness areas and big 5 game reserves on the Southern African sub-continent.


Here, Mother Nature is our teacher, guide & classroom. Our immersions in the bush are mostly silent, as we commune with the elements & all our relations.

 In our experience, the quieter & stiller we become, the more we hear nature's soft whispers,  well as those from within, & the more that wisdom drops in & integrates into our daily lives, transforming us ~ over time ~ beyond our wildest dreams.

The guiding you will receive on these retreats is unlike anything you may have experienced on safari before.

Guests are invited to FEEL the natural world with the whole body, rather than analyse & dissect it with the busy mind. By dropping into the feelings in our bodies, we begin to tune into the Body of Nature. The unconscious way of objectifying nature - of viewing her as separate from ourselves - dissolves & an awe-inspiring realisation arises, where we remember in our deepest essence that we are a part of it all, & all of it is a part of us. We tap into a realm of sensed intelligence we’ve previously forgotten, & gain greater access to the fullness of being alive.

The retreats includes daily caminos into the bush by vehicle / boat / on foot; conscious dance around the fire at night; powerful meditations; transformative breath work; & sharing circles.


It's time to place our eco-systems above our ego-systems

Who are African Bush Retreats For?

African Bush Retreats are designed for those who've already done much inner journey work and self-reflection, who appreciate the precious gift of noble silence, who crave a digital detox, & who recognise the exquisite sacredness of the small & large creations of Mother Nature.

Retreat Structure

~ Daily dawn & dusk (mostly) silent caminos (vehicle, walking & boating): wisdom gathering in the wild.
~ Nature walks exploring the veld. We will also be approaching large game on foot, such as rhinos, cheetahs and elephants
~ Meditative satsangs (gatherings) integrating what we've observed in the bush into our day-to-day relating
~Grounding techniques to open our bodies to receptive presencing 
~ Meditation & breath-work practices 
~ Guided shamanic movement meditation dances exploring & embodying our inner landscapes, & connecting to spirit of place - the ancestral, elemental & animal guides (absolutely no dance skill required whatsoever)
~ Sacred cacao ceremony to gently support the heart's opening to more feeling & sensation
~ Around-the-bonfire sharing of our stories under the Milky Way


Investment in Yourself

African Bush Retreats are designed to the highest standards to suit the needs of individuals, couples or groups.

Included in the quotation:

~ luxury accommodation / glamping

~ healthy vegetarian meals


~ our own highly experienced game ranger

~ game drives/walks/boating and conservation levies 


Transport can also be arranged if required.

Minimum duration 3 nights / 4 days

African Mandalas (2).jpg

Your Interior Landscape Guide

Dakini Kali

Kali grew up just beyond sub-tropical Durban, & loved to explore, barefoot, the Kloof gorge where vervet monkeys, baboons, duiker, cervals, giant legevaans, & even leopard roamed. These early childhood adventures gave her a love of nature, & a taste for freedom.
After graduating with Honours from KZN University, she travelled the world, always gravitating towards places of natural beauty in her  leisure time. Then she got caught up in the hurly burly of advertising, rising to the very top of her game in Johannesburg & later Dubai, London & Cape Town, but all the while longing for the wide open plains of Africa & her blood-red sunsets. Falling pregnant with a child of Africa (her daughter's father is Kenyan), she decided to return to her roots, & a few years later, gave up advertising altogether to follow her twin passions of Tantra (Truth), & healing masculine/feminine duality through the body's direct connection to the natural ways our twin energies dance outside the artifice of patriarchy.
On her journey of soul reclamation, she discovered her maternal great-great grandmother was of Missionary, Khoi & Bantu descent from an area called Rooibank in Namibia, & this went a long way to explaining her deep love of the land, the innate ability to call up the ancestors, & channel guides & elementals.
She deep-dived into Advait Tantra, trained in Biodanza & qualified as a BlissDance facilitator, as well as a Loving Touch Workshop Practitioner, & over the years has become a respected holder of Red Tent gatherings, a Dakini & conscious dance DJ.
A big part of her journey has been reclaiming the agency of the body's natural wisdom & sacred sensuality / sexuality through accessing the inner wild woman. It was a process of remembering rather than learning; of sharing rather than teaching; & of letting go, rather than of being in control; of being rather than doing.

Finally Kali has come home to her body, her sensed intelligence, true sexuality, connection to unity consciousness, & to all that is.

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