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Conscious Dance Journeys

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Conscious Dance with DeeJay Kali

Each conscious dance journey - whether BlissDance or Shamanic Ecstatic Dance -  has an organising theme or weave.

There are as many weaves as there are aspects of existence.

The dance facilitator's task is to stitch a together an accessible,  coherent tapestry using words (sparsely) and evocative music as the vehicles for communicating each journey's invitation.

It's important to allow the dancers to discover their own authentic experience within the intention of the weave.  

Conscious Dance Agreements

~ Anybody in a body can dance

~ No previous dance experience is required

~ There are no steps to learn or remember

~ There's no right or wrong way to move, only your way

~ We dance to EXPRESS, not to IMPRESS.

~ This is not a spectator sport

~ Participation and immersion are vital threads.

~ We show up to the best of our capacity in the moment

~ We surf our own edges between comfort & discomfort, the known and unknown, pleasure & pain

~ No peer pressure, ever!

~ We move mostly with our eyes closed, recognising conscious dance is primarily an inner journey

~ When needing  to move through the space, or connect with other dancers, we keep the focus soft and wide

~ The dance floor is safe, sacred space

~ Noble Silence is observed throughout, unless speaking is invited by the facilitator

~ We communicate with one another through the language of the body

~ Healthy boundaries are encouraged and explored within undifferentiated eros.

~ Consent is sexy!

Conscious Dance Formats


BlissDance & Shamanic Ecstatic dance journeys can be in the form of:

~ a drop-in class 

~ a closed class or series of classes

~ a workshop

~ a weekend intensive

~ a retreat

Conscious Dance Occasions

As a conscious dance facilitator and DeeJay, I've been asked many times to facilitate memorable, ritualised dances of deep connection for special occasions such as at:

~ weddings


~ anniversaries

~ festivals

~ rites of passage

Tara Rose's improv poetry & movement inspired by a
Conscious Dance Journey facilitated by Kali

Pilgrim TV Documentary Series
Kali facilitates during Episode on Shamanic & Trance Dance

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